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The Whaling Museum Library

 Informasjon om Hvalfangstsamlingen  Die Bücherei des Walfangmuseums


The Whaling Museum Library is located at Sandefjord Public Library. 

The collection

The Whaling Museum Library covers a wide range of topics:

Whales and whaling

  • the zoologi of whales
  • whales in an environmental context
  • whaling from a Norwegian and international perspective
  • other related themes

Old books on Polar history and expeditions

Access to the collection

The collection is available during Sandefjord Library's opening hours. Please contact the Information desk.

Search the catalogue

You can search the catalogue on the net. NB: Documents described as: "ny"  are not available to the public.


Whaling links

Whales and whaling on the net. We have selected websites which we think are important and relevant.

Whaling links

Hvalfangstmuseet - The Whaling Museum

Hvalfangstmuseets logo

For in-depth information on whales and whaling, visit The Whaling Museum website:


For further information, contact us by telephone, fax, email


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